One of our Values at Timberlea Baptist Church is Being Family, where we are committed to reflecting the love of God in our relationships and to caring for one another.

From September 7-9th we invite you to Bayside Camp where we'll have the opportunity to come together as a church family: supporting one another, growing together, and having a lot of fun as well! . Break-out programs will be held for adults, youth, and children and we join together for meals, rec/games, swimming, and more! 

Registration includes:

5 Meals/ 2 Snacks | Accommodations | 3 Teaching and Worship Sessions | Swimming | Canoeing | Archery | Climbing Tower | Campfire | Children & Youth Programs 

Friday 7:00 PM - Sunday 2:00 PM
Bayside Camp
1503 Ketch Harbour Rd, Sambro Head, NS

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Please let us know how you would like to pay. Cheques can be made payable to Timberlea Baptist Church OR you will be contacted for e-tranfers.
Room (1 Bunkbed) / Shared Family Cabin / Trailer *Please indicate if there are families that you would like to share a cabin with.