01. What is it?

Kids 4 Christ is a program for children aged 3- Grade 5 that takes place during the worship service.

02. Why do it?

This is where the children learn about following Jesus in a fun and kid-friendly environment through stories, music, art, and play.  Caring teachers spend time with the children and help them understand how much they are loved by God.

03. How can I get connected?

Part way through the worship service the children are dismissed to the Kids 4 Christ program and parents sign in their children at the top of the stairs.  There's a one time registration form for you to fill out.  If you'd like more information about the program please contact Pastor Louise.


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*By registering my child/children to Timberlea Baptist's Kids 4 Christ ministry, I authorize that their image may be photographed, filmed, and used in video, print, and web presentations for the promotional purposes of Timberlea Baptist Church.