I cannot imagine a greater motivation to pray than that God enjoys having me in His presence. He enjoys my company. He delights in listening to me! He doesn’t get bored with my repeated requests. He doesn’t moralize me if I get it wrong in what I ask for. He doesn’t laugh at me if I put out silly, even impertinent, requests. He never makes me feel stupid. There is no rejection, only total acceptance.
— R.T. Kendall

Prayer on the Go

Prayer on the Go is a time when we gather to celebrate with Christ by singing hymns, and bringing praise items and prayer requests before Him. Prayer on the Go meets Monday evenings at the church, 7:15. To participate in Prayer on the Go you can join us at the church or watch TBC news for opportunities to join us when we go singing.  Prayer requests can be made by emailing Cynthia ( cynthmarriott@hotmail.com).

Sunday Prayer

We have a pre-service prayer group that meets on Sunday mornings 9:30 AM to pray for the service and for families that are in and/or connected to our church family.

Prayer Request

If you have a prayer request that we can partner with you in, please fill out the form below and we would love to pray with you,

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